What To Do When Your Work Environment Frustrates You

Work Environment survey:  When you survey your work environment do you feel frustrated? Yep! I recognise that! You see my external world does not always match what I had been hoping for in my internal world. When I cannot see the difference I seek, impatient-me can seek to sulk. When I survey my work environment right now, I can see few signs of the transition that I am trying to make. This is when flouncing off feels very appealing.

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I get clients here who are taking tentative steps within new work realms too and they report similar experiences of frustration. It’s an interesting one, if you have a big brain you may well be used to actioning things quick-time. You may get frustrated with others when they appear to lag behind, finding yourself thinking ‘keep up!” Yes, me too. And, our way is not the only way! Not that I like to admit that!

“… it is so easy for me to be going at such a phenomenal speed in my head that…”

You see it is very easy for me to be going at such a phenomenal speed in my head that (I think), I know exactly what needs to happen, and when, and how it will look. Then, when I open my eyes and it is still grey and the trees have no leaves and I bemused that my envisioned new professional landscape is not flourishing before my eyes….

And that is because it is not yet time. And that is because all the steps have not been taken and that is because there are all sorts of new experiences to have before this plot can become whole. If I do not take these steps sequentially then ‘it’ will never be whole. It will never be as rich and complete if I take the shortcuts that tempt me because I will miss the experiences of the journey.

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So if you feel dissatisfied with your current circumstances it might not be because the circumstances are wrong. Might it be possible that you are giving yourself a hard time for not being perfect, yet? Might you be doing something new? It doesn’t matter how bright or inspirational you are, new things are difficult. They will be made much more difficult if you don’t quit berating yourself for now being where you think you should be. Accept where you are, the trees have no leaves, the wind blows cold because it is Autumn. If you cannot see the new growth yet, that really doesn’t mean that it’s not on its way.

When You do Your Work Environment Survey….

Find other things to enjoy, take pleasure where you are, laugh when you fxxk it up (because you will!). Celebrate the small achievements, revel in ‘different and new’ instead of fighting it every step of the way. Be present and actively seek the good in each moment. Bitter and twisted and self-frustrated never brought joy to their work or their world. Keep taking the small steps and your harvest really will grow. Feel free to dream big, and, remember to take account of the small unexpected moments of beauty in the here and now.

Just saying…

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