Work Environment: Design it your way

Work Environment Bristol: What I notice here is the sheer diversity of work environments available in this city.

Based on the traditions of trading and banking, Bristol is a very wealthy city, not merely in fiscal terms but also in the richness of ideas and creativity. With the media consistently telling us this is THE best place to live and work, there has begun the upward spiral of talent attraction and inspiration. The work environment landscape has changed significantly in the two decades I have been here.

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My first ever real job here, having discovered my degree rendered my unemployable and therefore having spent 6 weeks learning to touch type, was working for the local press.

Seated in rows, plugged into the telephone answering system, we submitted advert after advert, with no spellcheck, un-edited, to the newspapers. We sat staring at the backs of each other’s heads, chain-smoking, in a hermetically sealed, open-plan, 60s disaster of a building.

work environment Bristol

There was not even the autonomy to go to the toilet when you should be available to the public. Talking was rewarded by a swift rap over the knuckles with a wooden ruler…. really?! Hard to imagine this was allowed only a couple of decades ago. Whilst nobody died, it was an unpleasant environment to be trapped in for 8 hours a day, I even had a three-stage interview for the privilege.

Work Environment Bristol

“…oh how things have changed.”

Last week I visited that same building for a meeting. & oh how things have changed.

In place of that draconian work environment was a new, light, modern hot desking setup. People having impromptu meetings, collaborating and redesigning the world their way.

Here I found light and energy and dynamism and creativity, and, an obvious absence of nicotine.

If a work environment can be utterly transformed, it can happen in Bristol. If you wish to design your own work environment, in your very own way, then you can do it in Bristol. Go on, take a risk, craft it your way. Play to your strengths and break the rules and honour your colleagues and, if you do this in an authentic way (bear in mind that no free breakfast will compensate for organisational dysfunction!), then you will reap such rewards!

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