6 Ways Work Can Keep You ‘On Form’

In the HSE Return To work Form there is this guidance:

“If staff take time off work because of work related stress, getting them back to work as quickly as possible is important………. In general, people find it more difficult to return to work after a long-term absence.”

In general, I have to concur because a return to work form s so much more than merely a means to earn a wage. Work helps to form our identity. What is the first question we ask in social situations?”What is it do you do?”.  Work is a big part of how we define ourselves. Our self-esteem is informed by work because it’s a structure within which we can fathom whether we are succeeding or failing. No Structure = no boundaries – no metrics. We could be in freefall and not even know it.

Work forms our communities and brings a sense of belonging. We get to contribute to something greater than ourselves. There is nothing that quite matches having a passion for your professional purpose. It will enable you to push on through all sorts of self-perceived limitations.

Our work informs our well-being: We were designed to ‘work’ for survival. A mind left unoccupied can cause mayhem.  See the research here: “An idle mind is an unhappy playground “. Equally, an underused body will literally self-destruct as it honours urges for food but never uses the energy generated by taking any kind of action.

“idle hands are the devil’s workshop”

Work gives us focus: Our minds left to their own devices will usually err on self-destruction
It’s said that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. Here I am not talking about some kind of judgement on ‘laziness’, but on the minds natural bias towards the negative unless it is given active problems to solve. Without occupation, it is not others that we cause damage to, it is ourselves that we decimate from the inside.

Work can form a big part of our routine & discipline. Everyone I know benefits, to one extent or another, from knowing what is happening next. That’s for a sense safety and also for the saving of energy. There are far interesting things to be doing than merely asking “what next….”. we humans need some parameters in order to be creative.

“Find work you love and it will keep you right on form.” 

Work is our mirror. We all need affirmation and inspiration and stimulation, no matter how introverted you might be, no woman is an island! Work ‘mirrors’ our achievements: How do we know if we have done something well? Work brings our friendships. And there even benefit in working with our enemies as at the very least they help us define that which we do not want.

Return to work does keep us on form….. Find work you love and it will keep you right on form.

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