Organisational Change

Change is Challenging

The current financial climate is not conducive to feelings of security for organisations. Fear of cuts or job losses may create a climate of fear for your most important resource, your employees. Change could be manifesting itself as cuts in services and staff. Change could be resulting in the development of an entirely new business vision in order to survive within these competitive times. Within organisational change, communication is core.

Your Vision

Hand the problem of change to me because I stand outside of your organisation.  I will work with you to see what you need. I will work hard to understand your industry sector and business culture. I will help you refine your organisational vision. I will work with teams and individuals to see which bits are not lining up. Working primarily with Lammer’s Organisational Model, I enable cohesion throughout your entire business identity and function. Ensuring your organisation has a vision that is informed by all areas of the company means it will therefore be shared and acted upon by all who work for you.

Employing a range of interventions and metrics such as Belbin, and MBTI, we can engage your whole team and build your future.


 Prices are entirely dependent on meeting your organisation’s needs. Let’s have the conversation.

 “Possible Selves and Career Transition: It’s Who You Want to Be, Not What You Want to Do.”

Plimmer & Schmidt


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