What’s The Best Way To Lead?

Your Leadership style will be entirely your own. Culturally we probably carry unconscious bias about how a “leadership” will look, behave and ‘be’. As my husband says; “assumption is the mother of all fxxk ups!” and, I am inclined to agree.

“Don’t you ever believe that you cannot lead because no organisation has given you a mandate”

If we assume that our leaders will be white, male, besuited, senior in the organisation and of a certain class then we do have every reason to do so. Why? Because this is both what we see and what is promoted by the media influencing our culture. This is a circular and self-serving model.

Leadership Style

There are twelve different leadership styles documented here. In reality, leaders arrive in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of styles. Their leadership style will be informed by several things and the combined results of these variables mean that every single leader has their own unique leadership style. The following four things appear to hold weight in informing leadership style: Their purpose, their personhood, their history and the current culture.

Good leadership does not come from a promotion. Good leadership is not linear progression through the ranks. Good leadership arises from having a passion for a purpose that provides the courage to see change happen through whatever may stand in its way. Good leadership is bigger and then the individual themselves. The very need for change in itself shapes the leadership style.

“Your Leadership style will be entirely your own.”

The person driving the change is absolutely intrinsic to the style of leadership. Your personality type and ability to magnetise others to align with their way of thinking is intrinsic to success. There are as many introvert leaders as extrovert by the way. Your history and the experiences you have had, bring a unique perspective to the problem you are trying to solve. It is their past bruises that bring brilliance and survival that brings resilience into the present. Combine these three things with the current culture and the present difficulty and you have an absolutely unique leadership style.

Don’t you ever believe that you cannot lead because no organisation has given you a mandate? You have all the power to effect change by being who you are and caring about the things that you do.

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