Are You Secure Enough To “Be Wrong”?

There are as many different leadership qualities as there are leaders. There are exhaustive, and indeed an exhausting number, of lists out there on the net of all you need. Here’s Forbes take on the subject. If you did have all of them you would be one immense individual. Being realistic there is one quality we all need to bring to leadership roles. That is the ability to be wrong.

“Good leadership must be rooted in its cultural context” 

All humans carry judgements and assumptions and unconscious biases. What good leaders need is the honesty, openness and willingness to examine whether these are fit for purpose, at this time and in this place. Good leadership must be rooted in its cultural context.

leadership qualities

Leadership needs to be responsive to the environment and the people and the culture it serves. Leadership needs to be willing to abandon its own assumptions and listen to the reality. Leadership needs to jettison its judgements and hear what’s really needed. Leadership needs to be willing to question unconscious biases, as they rise to the surface, and attend to them. Leadership needs to see through the lenses of those they serve. In order to learn, in some cases, first, we might need to admit that we are wrong…

“The best of Leadership Qualities is…”

The best of Leadership qualities is that ability to say “oh, that’s really useful new information for us” and the abandon the previous conclusions drawn. If change is not informed by those who need and implement it, then it will not work.

The good thing about being a grown-up is that it’s really OK to admit that you have got it wrong. In fact, the sooner you do so the swifter the rightful thing can be done.

Enjoy this freedom!

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