Using Your CV to Entrap Your Reader

Here’s a little bit of guidance on you job application supporting statement from the Guardian 

What goes in this bit? Yourself. What’s it’s purpose? It’s purpose is to entrap the reader into continuing. Your statement needs to be short and punchy and clear and eye catching

job application personal statement

Like any opening paragraph of an essay, it is often best written at the end of the work itself. Update your cv before summarising your highlights in the intro. Combine your highlights with the job spec and you can identify which bits are a good match.

“It’s purpose is to entrap the reader into continuing”

You can literally highlight this section. I know if one very senior person who got the job because they did it in pink. Nope, not my choice if colour either, but, with hundreds of applications flowing through for each vacancy, physically eye catching could do the trick! Double space it, choose a new of a bigger font. Ensure it is delivers.

Here’s a link to some really elegant CVs that might tweak interest:

For Your Job Application Supporting Statement:

It’s worth using every trick in the book to get noticed!

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