You Are SO Much More Than You Know

I learned something yesterday that might help raise the impact of of your job application letter. I had a surprise: I was ‘confessing’  a couple of new business propositions to a colleague of old. I did have to laugh at our unexpected responses. I was telling her in secret because, whilst I’m all for accountability, I’m also keen to avoid the embarrassment of letting myself down and of facing public failure.

When I described my endeavours her immediate and utterly heartfelt responses were two fold: Firstly ‘Oh you will be brilliant at that!” And secondly “Well, that’s just such a natural next step for you now”.

job application letter

The first statement I might have expected from her. My colleague is a supportive and encouraging Woman. The second statement was a shock. You see, what I was proposing to do is well out of my comfort zone. What I am proposing to do feels like it is right at the very edge of my horizon. Yet, when I just felt like I had voiced something akin to ‘I’m setting off the summit of Everest in the morning’, she had thought it was a ‘natural next step‘…. what!!!!!???!!!!

” DO fake it until you make it, because you will.”

This woman knows me well. She and I have witnessed each other’s professional development for 20 years. This woman is someone I respect deeply, who has seen my lowest lows. Now this is a woman who believes I can do this…

So this was a little reminder that the way I perceive myself is not the same as that which others see in me. Whilst I am busy playing a constant game of “Pac-Man“, where I gobble up even the faintest glimmers of my own possibility, others see the actions and risk that I take. They see the growth that I make. They see the strengths that I fake until they become real. And they do become real.

It was a humbling experience to have this version of myself reflected back to me in this way.  To have my best self, mirrored and supported.

Job Application Letter

So my guidance to you is this. When you write you job application letter, if you feel that your are heading to the very top of an outrageous or arrogant mountain, please fake it until you make it, because you will. And secondly DO run what you have written about yourself past that person who you both respect and who holds you in good heart. Let them tell you if you have put your best self on paper. Let them remind you to promote your real possibly in the here and now. Set Pac-Man aside and let your potential employer have a glimpse of just what they could have if they hired you!

I Dare You: for You are SO much more than you know!

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