Job Application Cover Letter

If, when writing your job application cover letter, you find yourself saying something akin to the following phrases, then I have some guidance for you.

“Good god! Not only have I filled in their online 8 page application form (& probably wasn’t the first!) but now they want me to send a cover letter too! What? How much more do they want from me when I probably won’t hear back anyway!”

Take a breath………. I get it! Applying for jobs can feel relentless, and, “what’s the point anyway!”.

job application cover letter

What I’m sensing here is undernourishment. You ‘give’ in you current role. You ‘give’ in your personal life. You ‘give’ in your job search. You’re not getting much back by way of return. Back in the day, when I applied for a job, there was at the very least a trite little acknowledgment of the receipt of my application. This was inevitably followed a little line to the effect of ‘err thanks but no thanks ‘. Today, an ‘unsuccessful’ application gets precisely nothing in return. Einstein said that every cannot be destroyed…. but WTF just happens to that several hours you invested? That energy just fell through a chink in the universe!

“Nobody ever wrote a good application cover letter from a malnourished and resentful place.” 

So back to undernourishment. If ‘They’ are not going nourish you, and, you have to keep on giving, then the responsibility for building yourself back up lies securely at your own feet. You must nourish yourself: You must affirm yourself. You must appraise yourself and you must reward yourself. Do these things and the rest will flow.

You will have your own ways achieving these things. What looks like reward for one person, looks like punishment for others. I have a colleague who takes himself off to the highest peak that he can find, and scrambles his way up it in order to celebrate professional achievements. Personally, a bar of decent chocolate and the time to escape into a good novel is more my style.

Job Application Cover Letter

Whatever your reward is then please do it and do it now. Nourish yourself and you will find that the next step you take will be eased. Nobody ever wrote a good application cover letter from a malnourished and resentful place. Now you are ready to begin, here are some supportive cover letter examples for you to reference. Good luck 🙂

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