Professional Priorities

 There is nothing like an emergency to help you establish your priorities. Whether the trigger is physical, emotional, financial, is often an irrelevance. They all stimulate exactly the same chemical in our brains, adrenaline. This is the fight or flight drug. You’ll have heard of it. One of the effects it can have in our […]

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Evidence Gathering:

What if we believed we could choose our mindset? It is possible to look at just about any situation, or any individual, in a multitude of different ways. Then we evidence-gather to ‘prove’ this to ourselves.  Sometimes it is preferable to feel ‘safe’ and ‘right’, even if we neither like the conclusion we reach, and […]

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Rebecca Hartnell, Career Coach, Bristol


Few professionals would admit that sneaking off for a snooze mid afternoon constitutes ‘agility’. Call it a ‘power nap’ however and you’re in a different realm. When one is early to rise AND late to usher the last client out through the door, you have to make the most of opportunities as they present themselves. […]

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