career coach application

Want My Advice?

Career Coach Application: Don’t let anyone put you back in your box… Especially yourself. In the face of a combination of excitement and insecurity, we can feel this as fear. When we feel fear it is very easy to resort to being our dutiful, ‘good’, do what we are supposed to do for others selves. […]

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Leadership Coaching Framework

A New Leadership Framework

Leadership Coaching Framework: I am noticing that is a really fine line between fear and excitement. I flew in from the school run this morning saying “I’ve gotta get on, I’ve got five clients today”. A 90-minute supervision session. Two New-Client assessment sessions. One Business Coaching session and a 90 minuted Career Coaching session. Now […]

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career coach mentor

How To Make Time!

Career Coach Mentor:’ How do we take care of each other at work?’ Was a question asked by a colleague today? Given that all present at this meeting had either been recently bereaved or had this journey looming it seems a very wise question… What I was noticing was this: the Colleague who asked the […]

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career coach book

The Best Career Coach Book

My absolute best career coach book is this: “Essential Career Transitions Coaching Skills” by Caroline Talbott. It’s awesome. It’s tiny. It’s packed with a multitude of juicy interventions, all with a career bent to them. It’s a modest tome in size. Its author is also disarmingly modest. And, out of all the hundreds of self-help, psychotherapy, supervision […]

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