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Right now, does your career look as you had imagined it would?

Whether you are trapped in an increasingly busy job with no exit-strategy, are facing redundancy, or if your promotion has left you frantic in navigating your first 100 days, then Daemon Career Coaching can support you. Perhaps, having committed to a new career path or business venture you are wondering why it’s not working out, and you need someone to accompany you whilst you action the career you have a passion for.  I want to enable you to achieve what you want.

“You are amazing. The work you do is amazing. I an in awe of how you hold this process and how you have the energy to keep carrying doubtless all your clients forward. Thank you”

Rebecca M, June 13th 2017.

I do not have your answers but I do have your questions.

Together we shall design your career pathway.

I am …..

…..driven, energetic and dynamic. I am brave enough to shine light in the dark places to discover a real career path. I am versatile, eclectic. I have engaged with a wide variety of roles and thus a wealth and breadth of understanding and empathy to draw on. I can rise above the status quo to take a broader, richer view. I am a ‘whirling dervish’ of a coach who will spin you right round, flinging all the doors of opportunity wide open before you. 

YOU will …..

… challenged and encouraged to look within. You learn to listen to yourself. You will learn to trust yourself. You will leave our sessions with the courage of your convictions. You will be free to engage with the authentic, honourable, valuable and purposeful career You deserve.

We shall …..

…..harness your core values, your transferable skills, your courage and all your experience. We will work together to identify your new career path. Together we will plot your route map so you know how to make your career choices become real.

You Career Sweet-Spot = Doing well paid work that you love in service of something you really are passionate about.

 I believe we can make this happen for you.

Please contact me to arrange an informal meeting to explore your options.

Rebecca Hartnell. “The Daemon Career Coach”

Career Coach, Bristol

“Possible Selves and Career Transition: It’s Who You Want to Be, Not What You Want to Do.”

Plimmer & Schmidt


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