How Do You Identify A Good Coach?

Career Coach Training: The really important thing about career coach training is knowing it’s not just the qualification, it is the whole life experience, that counts.

Of course, I’m trained: I spent a full twelve months training in “Life, Business and Executive coaching”, a further year training in Clinical Supervision, and that’s on top of all that other BAs, diplomas of varying relevance. But it is the four decades of life experience that really fleshes out this role that I have chosen. It is the bumps and bruises that I sustained that drive my love of this coaching journey.
career coach training

It’s knowing the chronic corrosion of confidence that comes from not knowing what it is that you really want to do.


It’s understanding how unsatisfactorily it is to do what is ‘expected’ but how difficult it is to hear what you want.


It’s realising the big brain is not always an asset. The heart and the head can wage war on each other in the early hours and sunrise brings no conclusion.


It’s recognising that fear of success is as debilitating as fear of failure. Because with that success there comes responsibility and also the risk that from this high place of pride we just might fall.


I have certainly hit my rock bottom(s) over the past few decades and whilst I’ll not go into the detail here, it does mean that as I coach I am not frightened of others places of darkness or distress. Why? its, because I know, that you too are quite capable of raising yourself right out of them, given time, space and support. I also know that within the confines of those internal conflicts, lie the absolute nuggets of gold that will feed right into your success.

Career Coach Training

It is life training and my own career experiences combined with the efficacy of career coach training that is what creates a really potent tool for our symbiotic success. We will both grow through combining our respective extensive experiences and skills. What’s not to like?
Are you ready to take this journey? I Dare You!

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