Meaningful Work & How To Find It

What is the Career coach meaning? Whilst it seems like a daft question, if you know how it really works, then you can decide if its what you need. If you left your degree anytime in the ’90s expecting your career for life and your pension to roll out before you over the next 50 years,  you might be finding your professional development a lot more challenging than you had anticipated… THIS is where career coaching could help you.

career coach meaning

Young people leaving degrees today (albeit rather debt-laden), are all au fait with the idea of ‘the importance of navigating the portfolio career’, of, ‘getting a sponsor and a mentor’ and of ‘contracting the next piece of work’.
 Personally, I scraped my degree (gaining higher qualifications in dancing til dawn), to find myself entirely unemployable when I graduated. I had spent 3 years at an art school ffs! I promptly had to (& I mean had to!), engage in a 6-week intensive typing course (think being rapped over the knuckles with a ruler whilst using old-school typewriters), just to get a job taking the free ads for the local rag.
I did it, I got better jobs, I got paid more…. but it took a decade or two before I could CHOOSE my route.
Having learned the hard way that ignoring what I wanted and doing what (I thought), others wanted me to do (but did they?) made me deeply miserable. Now, I choose to use my skills to help others get out of similar misery, faster.

Career Coach Meaning

I help people to find work that matters. I help people find work that matters to them so that they can belong in the work and contribute in the way that works best for them.


By employing techniques that enable you to hear what it is you actually enjoy. By using interventions that help you understand and play to play to your strengths. By working with you to see where you can employ your skills and capabilities that benefit the world, that pays you; and also gives you joy (now there’s a work that didn’t always go hand in hand with ‘work!). I help you to identify that sweet spot for yourself.
We will also identify who it is that you need on your team. It is SO time to quit believing that any of us need to take this journey alone…  whether you are entrepreneurial or part of another’s organisation. We all need encouragement, technical guidance, and experts in their field. That way you don’t need to be paying your coach forever… your independence is my ambition …

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So this is what this career coach means: By hearing your story, by shining light in that dark places and enabling you to see the desires and the skills you already have. By enabling you to work out how and with whom you will do this, you can find your Sweet-Spot.
Small. Practical. Consistent. Steps = A Profound and Lasting Professional Outcome.

Are you ready to get off the roller-coaster ride of other peoples expectations? I Dare You! 

Please feel free to use anything I have shared here, and, I’d love it if you’d credit me too. Thank you! 

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