Can Gratitude Arise From Loss?

“Career Advice: Gratitude. I never realised how “Loss” could bring such gratitude. My mother died last year. What I never anticipated was this gratitude. I never anticipated this love. I didn’t expect to feel so blessedly? Those people who have shown up and been real and been right alongside me on this journey have been extraordinary.

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The gratitude for all that I have in this life is startling. For the people whom I love and who love me, for my life, for the small boy and the big man with whom I build this life. For the work that is so fulfilling and that sustains me in symbiosis.
What do I take from this experience? That Loss is not always” The Finish”. A loss is sometimes “The Beginning”. I sense the huge potential for me in this life-experience, as a woman, as a coach and in a business capacity.
Daily I encounter people who are really distressed at the loss of their job. People who feel their paradigm is squeezing them out from what they set out to do. People who literally feel like they no longer know who they are without their professional identity.

“The Kubler-Ross “change Curve” is as pertinent in a professional realm as ever it was in a personal one.”

The Kubler-Ross “change Curve” is as pertinent in a professional realm as ever it was in a personal one. The five stages of “denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.” will all be found in the loss of a job. The process is also not linear, we slide back and forth along the pathway, whilst we increasingly assimilate acceptance.  Without warning, we can find ourselves unexpectedly raging about the loss of a job we may not even have liked in the first place?
Career Advice: Gratitude
What eases the way? Time (ugh! I know – how aggravating!). I believe it is about learning to hold time in a different way. It’s holding the journey of our loss not as something to be “got rid of”, but as something to be experienced. For it we experience the loss then we can find the gifts within it. When we experience loss and move through it organically instead of banishing it, then. this is when we can free up space for the potential that comes from it.

Career Advice: Gratitude

Turn professional loss around by noticing the gifts and the permissions given. How often have you been able to say, with the benefit of hindsight (!),  “I am so glad that job went or I would never have found …..”. A loss is usually an opportunity as well as a hurt. Keep your eyes open for the gifts and the gratitude. You deserve to benefit from life’s experiences too.
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