Professional Identity

Excellent Leadership Development

Leadership Development with Rebecca Hartnell My Leadership Development mentor tells me there are as many different leadership styles as there are different leaders. When leadership development is done well, this is exactly how it should be! Leadership development is about recognising the gifts that each and every person brings to the crucible. We all have […]

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Business Coaching Definition

Business Coaching: Refining Agility & Resilience

Business Coaching Definition: Explore Business Coaching with Rebecca There are as many definitions of business coaching as there are business coaches. The important thing is that you and your business need to play a very big part in defining the business coaching relationship too. Gone are the days of top down ‘this is how it is […]

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Business Coaching Bristol

What’s Unique About Business Coaching in Bristol?

Business Coaching Bristol The unique thing about business coaching Bristol is the unique nature of the business landscape in this city. All Bristol residents will know that if things can be done a different way, in Bristol, they will be done a different way. Having lived in this metropolis for over two decades I know that […]

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