Bristol-based, The Daemon Career Coach enables you to close the gap between what you think you can do and what you can REALLY achieve in your professional world.

Rebecca moves fluidly between the techniques of coaching, clinical supervision & organisational facilitation, to enable you to secure the right role, within a professional environment that works well for you.

“Rebecca is an excellent listener and was able to navigate my story-telling to ensure that we remained on track through the logical levels whilst also giving me the space to tell the stories that needed telling in order that I could breathe again. Rebecca has been the champion of champions for my dreams and ambitions, has at appropriate times provided interventions, and often through probing questions, had me rethink a given situation through a new lens, with revelatory results.”

Rebecca Megson Sept ’17

Purposeful Professional Development.


Daemon Career Coaching: Placing You In Professional Full-Flow

Right Now, Does your career look as you had imagined it would?

Leadership Coaching: Is it for You?

A whole systems approach to leadership development

Clinical Supervision: Administrative, Educative. Restorative.

Kadushin’s “Cluster of Functions" Administrative, Educational, Supportive.

The "How" of Coaching & What it Can Do For You

What a Career Coach Can Do For You

I believe that outcomes are better for clients and their careers when we start right at the beginning. Engaging with rigorous exploration, building strong professional foundations, thoroughly, makes it possible to identify the core purpose of work for each person. This process works. I have had the privilege of seeing it over and over. This is values-led coaching which delivers purposeful professional development. This Coaching process is an investment that naturally evolves ethical and sustainable career pathways. 

 We shall …..
…..harness your core values, your transferable skills, your courage and all your experience. We will work together to identify your new career path. Together we will plot your route map so you know how to make your career choices become real.

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Marianne Williamson


“Think you know yourself? Try coaching and find out just how much you know about who you are and what you can do.

You will be surprised in the most magnificent way!”            

Q’ Sam W February 2016Daemon Career Coaching

This coaching process will enable you to identify the work you want to do, to understand what drives your passion, and thus to know just how to engage with your work in your own unique way.

Introductory Coaching Session only £35 

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 Situated in the South West Rebecca Hartnell can work UK wide and internationally via telephone or skype.

“Possible Selves and Career Transition: It’s who you want to be, not what you want to do.”

Plimmer & Schmidt 2007